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Past Projects by Dustin Walder Carpentry -

Custom Deck Construction & Installation
Covered Deck Construction ,Akron, OH Covered Deck Construction, Akron Ohio

 This Akron homeowner had a old concrete pad at the bottom of a small set of steps. This covered deck will provide shade in the summer and all.. | More |

Wood & Vinyl Porches & Railings
Vinyl railing and azek post, Akron OH Vinyl railing and azek post, Akron Ohio

Vinyl railing with Azek post sitting on stone columns is maintenance-free and accents the front o.. | More |

Custom Deck Construction & Installation
Spiral staircase to deck Spiral staricase to deck, Akron Oh

Spiral staircase provides a way to the second story deck.

Vinyl and cedar pergola
Vinyl pergola over wood deck Vinyl pergola , Akron Oh

Vinyl pergola over wood deck

Vinyl pergola over concrete pad Vinyl pergola, Akron Oh

White vinyl pergola over concrete pad

General Carpentry
New replacement Windows and Custom Window Seat, Akron, OH Replacement windows and Custom Window Seat, Akron OH

In addition to installing the new replacement windows to improve the energy costs of this Akron, Ohio home, Dustin Walder Carpentry custo.. | More |

Custom Deck Construction & Installation
Wood Deck and Vinyl Railing, Akron, OH Wood deck and vinyl railing, Akron OH

This is a wood deck and vinyl railing on a new home in Akron Oh.The vinyl railing is 100% ma.. | More |

Custom Multi-Tier Deck Construction, Akron, OH Custom Multi-Tier Deck Construction, Akron OH

This multi-tier deck was custom built for these Akron, Ohio homeowners by Dustin Walder Carpentry. We laid the foundation for the posts and built t.. | More |

General Carpentry
Door replacement Door replacement, Akron Ohio

 This homeowner had some old wood doors that needed replaced. They were letting in cold air and always needed to be stained. We replaced .. | More |

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